End of the test period

On July 12, the astroprocessor ZEUS enters the market. In this connection, each user who plans to continue working with the program will need to delete the test version using Windows (on macOS – by simply deleting it to the trash), and install a new one, which will be posted here.

We draw your attention to the important points:

There were made a number of improvements in Zeus compared to the beta version

  • The new version is more adapted to different types of monitors.
  • Added new map palette editing capabilities.
  • Changes have been made to the drawing of some map elements.
  • In the “Aspect Graphs” block, the ability to filter by special aspects of Magi Astrology has been added. Added a period of “3 Months”.
  • In the “Calendar” block, aspects are now used from sets, and not from fixed selections. The height of the cells is now flexibly adjusted, depending on the calculated data.

Installation of ZEUS

The ZEUS installation process will be different from the previous version, namely, after the initial installation of the program, you will be asked to go through the registration process. Thus, an account will be assigned to you, some of the parameters of which you will be able to manage in the future, if necessary, directly from the astroprocessor.

ZEUS Settings and database

The database of the previous version will be compatible with the new version of the program, as well as almost all sets, except for sets of stars and map palettes. With the exception of the latter, database files, ephemeris and settings can be moved to similar folders of the released version.

Configurations and sessions may not be compatible with the new program, but this should not cause critical problems, so you can try using them.

All files are located in the folder where you installed the astroprocessor. Configurations are in the “configurations” subfolder, ephemerides are in the “Ephemerides” subfolder, and various sets are in the corresponding folders of the “sets” subfolder:

  • Almutens – Themed almutens;
  • AspectConfigurationSets – sets with aspect configurations;
  • AspectSets – aspect pages with orbits;
  • ChartTypeSets – map types;
    ExtraObjectSets – extra objects;
  • InterfacePaletteSets – interface palette;
  • LotSets – lots;
  • ObjectSets – basic objects;
  • PaletteSets – scene palette (maps);
  • SpherePaletteSets – palette of the Celestial Sphere;
  • StarSets – sets of stars;
  • TermSets – terms;
  • File HotKeys – “hot” keys.

The cost of ZEUS

Subscription price*
  • subscription for six months – approximately it will cost 52€
  • subscription for a year – approximately it will cost 84€

Accepting payments

Currently, due to the sanctions imposed, accepting money from abroad to Russia is difficult, so the issue of foreign payments will be resolved individually. Contact us by email astrozeus@mail.ru

* One license is only available for one computer. The license can be transferred to another computer, but simultaneous use of the program on different devices under the same account is not possible.

For all technical difficulties with the installation or operation of the program, you can contact:

to the developer – Dmitry Potapov in Telegram (@Dmitry_Potapov)
via the feedback form on the website in the Contacts section
by email: astrozeus@mail.ru .

For other questions and suggestions, write

  • in the Telegram chat: https://t.me/astrozeus_chat
  • or on the Forum: https://astrozeus.ru/forum /.

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