Update 1.3 has been released


  1. In the “Coordinates” table of the scene, the cusps are now displayed taking into account their visibility on the chart. Thus, there are now two filters working together to display cusps in this table: a common filter – where cusps are selected for display from the context menu of the table, and an individual filter for each dial located in the Objects menu of dials;
  2. In the “Arc Resonances” block, an alternative output has been added to a text file, in which data is grouped by objects;
  3. The ability to sort by columns has been added to the Atlas window;
  4. The file converter has added support for the Astro-Databank format.


  1. In the “Primary Directorates” block, conjunctions in zodiac directions were not calculated;
  2. Fixed an error in the Atlas window in which the search for a settlement took place without taking into account the selected country, and also fixed various minor bugs;
  3. In the “Planetary Pictures” block, incorrect results were shown in fractional scales;
  4. The event pool provides protection against an empty string that may occur in the file due to manual editing by the user;
  5. Fixed a problem in the calculation block “Planetary Hours”;
  6. In the calculation block of “Returns”, the result was duplicated when the “Progressive Return” option was activated;
  7. In graphical ephemerides, the declination line of the Southern Lunar Node coincided with the Northern One;
  8. The algorithm for the sidereal zodiac has been corrected in the calculation block “Primary Directions”;
  9. The abbreviations of elements in the English version of the interface were not correctly displayed in the calculation block “Temperament”;
  10. The opening of the calculation block “Ingressions and Phases” in the heliocentric mode caused the program to hang;
  11. There was no “Aspect Configurations” menu on macOS;
  12. If there is a table of the “Coordinates” scene, switching to the heliocentric mode could cause the program to hang.


Update 1.2 has been released


  1. Thematic houses are implemented, namely, when any object is taken as an Asc, but the grid of houses is calculated according to the selected domification system, for example, Placidus, Alcabisi, etc. –;
  2. The possibility to calculate progressive returns is implemented in the calculation block of “Returns”. This refers to the map at the moment when a transit object passes through its own secondary progression in a given year. Alan Leo wrote about the importance of such treatment;
  3. The calculation unit “Arc Resonances” has been improved:
    The interface has become more intuitive;
    The arc can now be used not only directional, but also other types of maps, for example, transit;
    Added S64 scale;
    Added the option “Show results only with the selected object”;
    The algorithm for determining the dynamics of resonant pairs has been improved;
    The sorting by orb has been redone. Now at the beginning there will be diverging resonant pairs, then converging;
    The results are saved to a text file or clipboard (you can also copy using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+C”);
    The data in the column of the residual value of the orb is now displayed with an accuracy of up to a second;


  1. when changing the set of aspects in the right panel, there was no change in the display of the selected set in the lower status bar –;
  2. In the table of the scene “Sequence of events”, if you enable the option “Accounting for parallels in latitude”, the data in the aspect column was not formatted correctly;
  3. In the table of the “Coordinates” scene, latitudes and declinations were not recalculated during the transition to the solar system –;
  4. Saturn was not drawn in the objects of the extra-dial of the “Half–Sum” – .
  5. When the Time Dynamics was applied to an event with the Julian calendar, the calendar was automatically switched in the event (by the date of the reform), and as a result, the map was rebuilt with an offset according to the new style –
  6. Fixed errors related to incorrect display of information in the hints of objects in the heliocentric system and the mundane projection.



Update 1.1 has been released

  1. Improved stability of the program;
  2. The extra objects of the “Mutation” had the same glyphs for their two variations. For better visual orientation on the chart and in tables, these glyphs were replaced with abbreviations: for the previous mutation – “GCp“, for the nearest – “GCn“. Who uses these extra objects, you need to replace these objects with a new variant in the sets where they are used;
  3. A Black Moon has been added to the “Ingressions and Phases” block;
    Part of the aspect hint information showing the dynamics of aspects in progressions is deactivated due to the heavy load on the processor;
  4. Fixed an error related to inaccurate display of directorates in the “Aspect Charts” block.

    To install the update, you need to enter the Help menu – heck the update.


The registration algorithm has been simplified. Now you don’t need to use one browser to register and confirm mail. If you couldn’t register in the program, you can try again.


Astroprocessor ZEUS was released

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