A light version of the ZEUS astroprocessor is implemented on the site. So far, the most basic functions are the construction of natal and various prognostic charts. It is possible to quickly change various settings. This version will continue to develop, but in what key is not yet clear. Let’s look at user feedback. The main idea of the online version is to provide certain functionality of the Zeus astroprocessor to those users who are not professionally engaged in astrology, who do not need any specific calculations, etc.


Update 1.12 has been released

  1. It is possible to interrupt the calculation process in the blocks: “Transits”, “Progressions”;
  2. Adjusting the transparency of aspect lines now takes into account the operational correction of orbs;
  3. In the calculation block “Eclipses”, the information “Eclipse Maximum” now corresponds exactly to the maximum of the eclipse, and not to the exact between the luminaries. And the date of the eclipse uses exactly the exact time of the moon, which will be applied to the dials if necessary;
  4. Fixed an error related to the calculation of directional lots;
  5. Various minor bugs have been fixed for the mac OS version.


Update 1.10 has been released

1. Fixed bugs related to aspect hints and aspectation of lots, leading to program freezes;
2. The “Sidereal hour” option has been added to the context menu of “Time Dynamics”.


Update 1.8 has been released

1. Improved algorithm for adapting the size of scene objects to different monitors;

2. Fixed a problem related to the aspect of lots;

3. The lots were calculated incorrectly, in which the abbreviations H1-H12 appeared;

4. In the Multi-chart mode, the aspect pages applied to additional dials now depend on the type of chart.

5. Distributions now include ephemerides of the first thousand asteroids.


Update 1.7 has been released

1. Progressive lots are now calculated not for the reference time, but taking into account the selected algorithm of progressive cusps;

2. Time zone updates;

3. In the “Graphical ephemerides”, latitude graphs are now displayed correctly in the progression mode. Also, velocity graphs in the heliocentric coordinate system are displayed in a more visual version;

4. The ability to calculate the Davison card with any number of charts has been returned, but the “Spherical Mean” algorithm is available only for two charts. Also, additional explanations are now added to the names of the middle charts, indicating in which algorithm these charts were calculated;

5. In the “Calendar”, when exporting a table in pdf format, a fixed font size is now applied so that it is guaranteed to occupy one page of the pdf file. Also, the found defects have been fixed in this block;

6. Improvements in the rectification unit –
1. Only compounds are calculated with sign boundaries, i.e. only ingressions;
2. Some visual improvements;
3. Fixed hints to aspects;
4. you can not choose natal cusps, so that there is no temptation;
The coefficients change when the natal time changes, because the coordinates of the natal objects are recalculated. In this case, it is better to set the natal time to 12:00 before calculating, so the error will be no more than 5% for slow objects. It is better not to use the natal Moon;

7. In the calculation blocks of the Primary and Alexandrian Directorates, aspects with user points in the sidereal zodiac were calculated incorrectly. Fixed;
8. In geocard mode, when hovering the mouse over the objects of natal and relocation maps, visual artifacts were caused. Fixed;

9. The directorial Sun was not calculated correctly in the composite directorates. Fixed;

10. In “Aspect Graphs”, the drawing of graph elements now depends on font size changes in global settings;

11. Fixed English translation in aspect configurations;

12. In the “Calendar” and “Lunar days” block, with the algorithm for calculating lunar days at moonrise, an appropriate warning will now appear when a settlement is located in the polar zone;

13. Fixed bugs found related to showing aspect dynamics in multi-map mode.


Update 1.5 has been released

1. The window of planetary pictures can now be placed in any place on the stage. To do this, select “Arbitrary position” from the context menu of the window, and drag the window with the left mouse button while holding Ctrl to any place on the scene;
2. The problem of open windows has been fixed for mac OS;
3. After switching on the multichart mode, the aspect dynamics window did not work correctly;
4. The defects found in the Rectification block have been corrected, and, if necessary, it will now be possible to delete selected events without re-forming the list from the database.
5. Minor bugs related to scene scaling have been fixed;
6. In the Firdary calculation block, clicking on the last line of periods caused the program to freeze;
7. The object “Monthly profection Asc” in the non-discrete version behaved as in a discrete;
8. The converter has improved support for the Astrodatabank format;
9. The dial selection did not work in the Calendar.


Update 1.4 has been released


  1. In Astrocartography, lines conjuncting objects with Vertex and Antivertex are implemented ;
  2. A block for rectification of cards with an unknown time of birth using the progression of the Moon has been implemented. You can read about the method itself here –
  3. A belt of Moon Mansions with tips for each sector has been implemented – Arabic and Indian versions (nakshatras). The ability to use interpretive texts for both parking options has also been added. For those who already have the app, these texts are posted on the resources of the ZEUS astroprocessor;
  4. To calculate Davison Average Charts, an option has been implemented that allows you to calculate geodetic coordinates not by the arithmetic mean, but by the spherical mean. This approach to this method was proposed by D. Kutalyov;
  5. The ability to calculate reverse geodetic equivalents has been implemented, namely when the MS equivalent is counted against the course of the Zodiac. The option is located in the context menu above the element for enabling Geodetic Equivalents;
  6. The “Lunations” calculation block now has two calculation modes: in the ecliptic projection and in the equatorial one. The first mode is the default, the second is enabled by an option from the context menu ;
  7. The context menu of the event pool (left panel) has been expanded:
    “Ignore “Here and Now” events” – these events will not be saved in the event pool;
    “Delete all saved”;
    “Delete unsaved”;
  8. Astrodatabank events have been updated ( presented in new distributions ). For those who already have the program, you can replace the SADC folder with a similar one posted on the resources of the ZEUS astroprocessor.
  9. The “Arc Resonances” calculation block has been significantly improved:
    The algorithm for determining the dynamics of resonances has been improved;
    When selecting a selection object, the Pointer is synchronously positioned on this object in the target circle;
    Residual orb values ​​are now displayed in seconds;
    The context menu has been expanded. You can now export a table to a text file or clipboard in various variations;
    Added progressbar;
    In addition to editing the orb, you can select the option that takes into account orbs from the current configuration, taking into account the Scale;
    A column has been added to the table indicating the Scale in which resonance occurs.
    Some changes in the window interface
  10. In the “Primary Directions” calculation block, now, in addition to the date of the aspect, the time can also be shown (context menu option “Show time”);
  11. In the calculation block “Chronocrators by terms” a context menu is implemented with the ability to choose: whether to take into account the higher planets, use the true or average Node, whether to calculate only Divisors or also Ray Rulers;
  12. The abbreviation of radix cards EV has been replaced by RA .


  1. In multichart mode, chart hints were cut off;
  2. Switching to multichart mode resulted in incorrect operation in “Aspect Dynamics”;
  3. In the “Aspect Graphs” block, exact strokes for directional aspects were not displayed correctly under certain direction settings;
  4. In the chart element settings, the “Names of extra-objects” option has been renamed to “Clarifications for extra-objects”. This option name more accurately corresponds to the result, namely, when the option is active, for stars, asteroids, eclipses and lunations, clarifying names or abbreviations of these objects will be displayed in addition to symbols.
    A bug has also been fixed when, when the “Names of extra-objects” option was deactivated, the coordinates of extra-objects disappeared;
  5. In the Aspects table, sometimes the dynamics of parallels (convergence/divergence) were not displayed correctly;
  6. In a separately opened chart, triplicity was not displayed correctly;
  7. Found errors in translation into English have been corrected;
  8. The time zone format in time dynamics now shows not in decimal format, but in sexagesimal;
  9. Fixed problem with rounding when displaying coordinates;
  10. If the chart is temporarily scaled using Ctrl (with scene tables disabled), then now, after using time dynamics, this scaling will be held until the user returns the original scale (Shift+click);
  11. In Atlas, the font now changes depending on global settings;
  12. Various other minor bugs have been fixed.


Update 1.3 has been released


  1. In the “Coordinates” table of the scene, the cusps are now displayed taking into account their visibility on the chart. Thus, there are now two filters working together to display cusps in this table: a common filter – where cusps are selected for display from the context menu of the table, and an individual filter for each dial located in the Objects menu of dials;
  2. In the “Arc Resonances” block, an alternative output has been added to a text file, in which data is grouped by objects;
  3. The ability to sort by columns has been added to the Atlas window;
  4. The file converter has added support for the Astro-Databank format.


  1. In the “Primary Directorates” block, conjunctions in zodiac directions were not calculated;
  2. Fixed an error in the Atlas window in which the search for a settlement took place without taking into account the selected country, and also fixed various minor bugs;
  3. In the “Planetary Pictures” block, incorrect results were shown in fractional scales;
  4. The event pool provides protection against an empty string that may occur in the file due to manual editing by the user;
  5. Fixed a problem in the calculation block “Planetary Hours”;
  6. In the calculation block of “Returns”, the result was duplicated when the “Progressive Return” option was activated;
  7. In graphical ephemerides, the declination line of the Southern Lunar Node coincided with the Northern One;
  8. The algorithm for the sidereal zodiac has been corrected in the calculation block “Primary Directions”;
  9. The abbreviations of elements in the English version of the interface were not correctly displayed in the calculation block “Temperament”;
  10. The opening of the calculation block “Ingressions and Phases” in the heliocentric mode caused the program to hang;
  11. There was no “Aspect Configurations” menu on macOS;
  12. If there is a table of the “Coordinates” scene, switching to the heliocentric mode could cause the program to hang.


Update 1.2 has been released


  1. Thematic houses are implemented, namely, when any object is taken as an Asc, but the grid of houses is calculated according to the selected domification system, for example, Placidus, Alcabisi, etc. –;
  2. The possibility to calculate progressive returns is implemented in the calculation block of “Returns”. This refers to the map at the moment when a transit object passes through its own secondary progression in a given year. Alan Leo wrote about the importance of such treatment;
  3. The calculation unit “Arc Resonances” has been improved:
    The interface has become more intuitive;
    The arc can now be used not only directional, but also other types of maps, for example, transit;
    Added S64 scale;
    Added the option “Show results only with the selected object”;
    The algorithm for determining the dynamics of resonant pairs has been improved;
    The sorting by orb has been redone. Now at the beginning there will be diverging resonant pairs, then converging;
    The results are saved to a text file or clipboard (you can also copy using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+C”);
    The data in the column of the residual value of the orb is now displayed with an accuracy of up to a second;


  1. when changing the set of aspects in the right panel, there was no change in the display of the selected set in the lower status bar –;
  2. In the table of the scene “Sequence of events”, if you enable the option “Accounting for parallels in latitude”, the data in the aspect column was not formatted correctly;
  3. In the table of the “Coordinates” scene, latitudes and declinations were not recalculated during the transition to the solar system –;
  4. Saturn was not drawn in the objects of the extra-dial of the “Half–Sum” – .
  5. When the Time Dynamics was applied to an event with the Julian calendar, the calendar was automatically switched in the event (by the date of the reform), and as a result, the map was rebuilt with an offset according to the new style –
  6. Fixed errors related to incorrect display of information in the hints of objects in the heliocentric system and the mundane projection.



Update 1.1 has been released

  1. Improved stability of the program;
  2. The extra objects of the “Mutation” had the same glyphs for their two variations. For better visual orientation on the chart and in tables, these glyphs were replaced with abbreviations: for the previous mutation – “GCp“, for the nearest – “GCn“. Who uses these extra objects, you need to replace these objects with a new variant in the sets where they are used;
  3. A Black Moon has been added to the “Ingressions and Phases” block;
    Part of the aspect hint information showing the dynamics of aspects in progressions is deactivated due to the heavy load on the processor;
  4. Fixed an error related to inaccurate display of directorates in the “Aspect Charts” block.

    To install the update, you need to enter the Help menu – heck the update.


The registration algorithm has been simplified. Now you don’t need to use one browser to register and confirm mail. If you couldn’t register in the program, you can try again.


Astroprocessor ZEUS was released

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