License renewal for the ZEUS app is paid. Two tariffs are presented below.  

Subscription price for 16.09.2023:

  • for six months – $65 
  • for a year –  $112 

Payment procedure

You must have an email address at gmail.com . Send it to astrozeus@mail.ru by specifying your name, the selected tariff and your preferred payment currency (euros or dollars). After that you will receive the following email:

License renewal

You will proceed to the page, where you need to verify the identity with Google account. It is made as we do not collect, store or process your personal data.

License renewal

Once you click the link, this window pops up:

License renewal

Fill in the data as said in the page and click the Save button to confirm the data.

Example of filling in the data:

License renewal

!Please note that: It is crucial to fill in the correct full data, otherwise we cannot guarantee the payment will come through successfully.

!Please note that: Payer via Stripe = Customer in the invoice. The payment will be rejected, if the data in the invoice differs from a real payer. The service reserves the right to check the compliance of these data at any time.

Once you are done with this form, we will receive your details and will be able to issue you an invoice. As soon as the invoice is issued, you will receive it at the email address you specified.

We accept payments from individuals as customers. The invoice can be paid in Euros and US dollars. You can pay our bill using a bank card or SEPA/iDeal/link transfers.

So here is the example of the invoice you got:

License renewal

There is no link in the invoice I got:

  • Amount limits are 0 EUR/USD – 10 000 EUR/USD. If these limits are not taken into consideration,

you will not see the link in the invoice

  • Your employee may has not ticked the Do you agree to pay extra 3% payment? box while

placing the invoice

Once you click the payment link which is shown in the end of the invoice the following window pops up:

License renewal

After the payment is made, you need to update the license in the program yourselfTo do this, in the “License Manager” in the “Help” menu, click on “Request a license”, the license period will be extended for the paid period.

If for any reason, the proposed payment methods did not suit you, write to astrozeus@mail.ru.

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