The set of stars contains information about the involved stars of the current set by default in the calculations of the program, their colors and nature.

This dialog box is functionally identical to the settings of the object sets, only in this case information about the nomenclature of the star, the constellation in which it is included, the stellar magnitude, some astronomical data, and the nature of the star is added.

For each star, the data of the selected dial is calculated: longitude, latitude, right ascension, declination and distance.

You can also add/edit information about the nature of the star. To do this, you need to double-click on the desired cell. It remains only to choose one of the presented options.

Important! If you need to rename any set of stars, make sure that there are selection boxes next to the stars that you want to see in this set. Information about the nature of stars, their colors, etc., will be lost for those stars that are not ticked in front of them. Thus, only information about the selected stars is stored in the set file.

In this window, using the context menu, you can:

In the right panel, a widget can be used to quickly select the current set of stars, as well as to call this directory.

To show the stars on the chart, use extra objects.

Files with sets of stars are located in the program folder "sets/starSets".