In the ZEUS program, some panels can be quickly shown or hidden.

Left panel – shows/hides the left panel (hotkey "1").

Dial control Panel – shows/hides the dial control panel (hotkey "2").

Right panel – shows/hides the right panel (hotkey "3").

The following hotkeys can also be useful:

Some panels can be customized.

Right panel setup

By means of these elements, the right panel of the program is configured.

All elements are divided into two types: those marked in brackets "widget" are functional controls, others are just operational links to controls, catalogs, etc.

During the revision, you can return the panel setting to its original state by clicking on the corresponding element, located in the same tab at the bottom right.

Toolbar setup

The control of this panel is relevant only if this panel is active. This panel is turned on/off in the menu Settings/General Settings/Overall

Links in the form of icons to various elements of the main menu are duplicated to this panel. Thus, the user can set the most relevant and frequently used menu items for him in order to quickly access the necessary tables. At the same time, the main menu itself can be hidden in the menu Settings/General Settings/Overall.

Status bar setup

The status bar in the astrocessor is configurable, and has a dual function. Firstly, you can choose which information to show in this area, and secondly, the tables of contents of these items allow you to quickly switch to the appropriate settings.