Operational settings

These settings are common to all configurations

Sets the data of additional dials to the current date and default location.

Sets the data of additional dials to the current date and location of the Base Dial.

In any configuration, you can pre-configure alternative chart display. This option allows you to quickly switch the display of the chart from the main to an alternative option.

During various manipulations in the program (creating new events, editing events, various calculations, etc.), new data is generated manually or automatically. When this option is enabled, this data is automatically registered in the event pool (temporary database in the left panel).

When constructing some charts, reference events are generated. For example, if we build a solar chart, then two dates will appear: the date of the Dial itself, in which the solar is being built, and the data of the solar itself, which are referential to the Dial data. This option allows you to automatically save this data to the event pool.

The chart of each Dial can be displayed in a separate window. At the same time, this option allows you to choose whether to deactivate the original Dial or not.

With the option active, if we change the event data of any of the additional dials, then the data of the remaining additional dials will also be changed.

With the option active, if the current Dial is changed, then this Dial will be shown as if it were the main one, and the orientation of the other dials will depend on it. When building horoscopes from Princeps, this option is triggered automatically.