New Event

New Event

There are several ways to open the window for creating a new event:

Enter the event name, date and time.

When entering the name of the city, suitable options will be shown under the line. You will either have to choose from the possible options, or enter the name of the settlement to the end. If this locality is located in the Atlas of the program, its coordinates and the time zone for the entered date and time will be automatically set. If the entered locality is not in the Atlas, then you will need to manually enter its coordinates and the time zone value.

The localities you work with are automatically saved to the user's list, which you can always edit. It is needed in order to quickly call user or frequently used localities.

You can enter a comment to this event in the comment field.

You can also choose the type of event from the presented options:

If the event type is selected Natal, then you can additionally enter:

You can also select the dial to which this event will be applied when you click the "Create" button.

Top buttons of this window:

Remaining buttons:

Some parameters are set by hot keys. Before that, you need to activate (for example, by clicking the mouse) the corresponding window.