Sequence of Events

Sequence of Events

In this block, events in the past and future are calculated:

These parameters can be configured selectively in the context menu.

Lines with past events differ in background from lines with future events.

For longitude aspects, it is possible to take into account parallels in latitude.

If the "Latitude Aspects" option is enabled, then relevant information is added to those aspects that are additionally supported by a parallel or counter-parallel in latitude between objects (the parallel or counter-parallel icon, and the latitude values of objects). And if the option "Take into account convergence in latitude" is also selected, then information on parallels will be added only if the coordinates of objects converge in dynamics in latitude.

Two objects are considered in parallel if:

Two objects are considered in a counter-parallel if:

The time range can be set manually (the number of days before and after the date of the current dial), or it can be limited by the time the objects are in their current signs (in this case, only the planets of the septener are calculated).

The calculated data can be saved in PDF.

This block can be extremely useful when analyzing horary charts.