In this block, symbolic Directions and Directions are calculated based on the daily arc in a given time range. Moreover, significators (natal objects) and promissors (directional objects) may belong to different dials.

A flexible selection of promissors and significators is possible based on the current set of objects. The boundaries of zodiac signs can also be chosen as significators.

You can specify the direction of the directions and the aspects that will be taken into account. In addition to the proposed 12 main aspects and 4 additional ones (used in Uranian astrology), it is possible to set an arbitrary one. The aspect ratio between house cusps now depends on an already existing option in the aspect settings Aspects of cusps to cusps.

The settings of the directions itself are quite extensive. Here you can select the type of direction (zodiac, equatorial), set parameters for the direction coefficient, and select an algorithm for calculating the directional cusps of houses.

In the lower right corner there is a control element "Synchronize with time dynamics". It allows you to make calculations directly when the dynamics of time changes, without additional pressing the "Calculate" button.

From the context menu of the table, you can export data in the following formats: PDF, PNG, TXT and to the clipboard.