Sensitive Points

The table calculates sensitive points, i.e. points constructed according to the formula A+B-C.

The axis, relative to which the sensitive points are calculated, depends on the position The pointer (if it is activated). It is enough to right-click on any object, the pointer will automatically move to this position, and the sensitive points will be recalculated immediately.

Calculations can be visualized in two styles: symbolic and textual.

The calculated data can be sorted by the value of the orb or modulo (the value in degrees, regardless of the sign).

The Scale value corresponds to the current Scale value in the configuration. You can change the scale using the widget in the right panel or in the menu Settings/Preferences/Scale.

Sensitive points scale control

In the "Filters" area, if you check the box, only those sensitive points that satisfy the formula a+a-b, where the first two members of the formula are the same object, and the third member is selected from the drop-down list. You can select it by clicking on any chart object, in this case sensitive points will be displayed, satisfying the formula b=a+a-b.