Aspect Chains

Aspect chains

This calculation refers to the system "Astrological algorithm" Tarasova V.V.

Two charts are compared – natal and dynamic (as a rule, directional).

Chains are constructed as follows:

  1. The cusp of the house of the directional chart is taken, let's call it the Princeps (selected in the lower left box), and all aspects from this cusp to natal objects are analyzed (the analysis is performed taking into account the selected aspect settings and orbs).
  2. The next object in the chain will be the natal object with which the Princeps has an aspect. There may be several of these objects, depending on the "All Aspects from Princeps" setting. If there is no check mark on this element, then only the one with the highest arc value will be taken from all the objects with which the Princeps interacts.
  3. Next, the object of the same name is searched for in the dynamic chart, and all aspects from it to the objects of the natal chart are considered. If you need to select only one object, then also uncheck the "All aspects of objects" item. These objects will be the next members of the chain. Thus, if there is more than one object, then there will be a corresponding number of branches of the chain.
  4. Further, the calculation proceeds similarly to the previous paragraph, until an object that is already present in the chain is encountered.

The data is selected using the "Aspect" element of the right panel. The left box corresponds to the natal dial, the right – to the background.

As you can see in the screenshot, this dialog box has a context menu that is called with the right mouse button. Thus, you can save aspect chains to a pdf file, in the form of an image, and also change the font to a larger one.

You can learn about the method from the author's books, or his articles on site